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Towards Future

Infrawindow Research Bureau | Jan. 20, 2012, 03:21 PM IST


Description of the organization (Organization’s work, mission, issues, focus, current programmes and accomplishment):

We, at Towards Future, want to live up to the sanctified standards of the right to Universal Education. In this, we eager to partner those poverty-stricken children and their families whose financial destitution denies them the profits of literacy. We also try to bring focus on question of elementary health and hygiene. To this purpose we have identified following focus areas — a) Provide Pre-school/Primary-school education; b) Support centre for students till Standard X. c) Provide specialized support to generate awareness on health and hygiene.

We also understand that Universal Education cannot be achieved without advances in women’s empowerment. Towards Future has programs which affirmatively impacts women by providing basic awareness programs on education and health. We believe in the abilities of an empowered woman and her positive role in family life. Our vision of education for all also includes the children of migratory workers at brick kilns.

Sustainable development cannot be had without factoring in environmental concerns and Towards Future wants to join forces with those at working at the grassroots-level of environment literacy and ecology-focused economic empowerment.   

Our Mission

We work for the socio economically challenged people with special focus on education and health of Children and women. We are also committed to protect and conserve ecology and environment.

Our Vision

  • Offer opportunities for basic education
  • Access to primary and vocational education.
  • Reduce infant mortality.
  • Improve Health and Hygiene to socio economically under developed areas.
  • Promote sustainable economic development.
  • Promote women empowerment.
  • Conserve and protect ecology and environment

Current Programmes

  • Shishumon -  Pre school education programme for the children between 3 to 6 years old
  • Back To The Future - To mainstream dropout, non-school going children and provide them basic primary education. Children belong to 6 to 14 years are our target beneficiaries
  • Uttaran -  Literacy program for the children of migrant families work at brick fields. Children between 1 to 14 years are our beneficiaries.  
  • Smile -  Sponsorship program to provide educational support for the poor & destitute children belong to 9 years old and onwards
  • Sushiksha -  English literacy program for the rural youth
  • Matrimon - Care to mothers for their Health, Literacy  and social awareness


Our Partners:

Ø  Wipro Cares Trust

  • Cognizant Outreach
  • Loreto Day School Sealdha
  • GIVE India
  • Guide Star India


Governing Body Members:

  1. Dr Saugata Basu – President
  2. Dr Arpita Sen – Vice President
  3. Ms Supriya Roy Chowdhury – Secretary
  4. Ms Mousumi Bhattacharya – Asst Secretary
  5. Mr. Arup Sen – Treasurer
  6. Mr. Arup Roy Chowdhury – Executive Committee Member
  7. Mr. Parag Basu - Executive Committee Member 
  8. Mr. Partha Paul - Executive Committee Member
  9. Mr. Bappaditya Lala - Executive Committee Member 
  10. Mr Shamik Bag - Executive Committee Member
  11. Mr Masum Parvej - Executive Committee Member 
  12. Mr Apurba Majumder - Executive Committee Member
  13. Ms Sumana Roy - Executive Committee Member 

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