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Home > Design Lab > Infosys Sdb Park 4 Mysore India

Infosys SDB Park 4, Mysore, India

Infrawindow News Bureau



Mar. 09, 2012, 09:59 AM


Jagged facades and lopsided fragments style the aesthetics of the software development block. It is situated on a tremendously contoured site in the exisiting Infosys campus in Mysore. The design inspiration came from the rugged profile of the landscape. The architect on his first visit to the site decided on instituting a concept that would echo the spirit of the site. The architecture also draws the tenets of origami, a Japanese art of folding papers.Infosys SDB Park 4, Mysore, India
Originally, the building had an almost rectilinear form with a few jagged edges in the vertical plane. Later it progressed into its present form, which has the signs of distorted contours in all the three dimensions. These protruding jagged planes form abstract compositions with fractured geometry. The facade is in essence moving in and out in various angles and inclines giving rise to the distorted form.Infosys SDB Park 4, Mysore, India
The base of the building moves along indistinct lines, which augments the distorted nature of the structure. The typical open plan interior layout has rectilinear profiles whilst featuring skewed atrium pockets in several edges.Infosys SDB Park 4, Mysore, India
The atrium creates an array of experiences by following the changing form of the outer skin. The plan and elevation follow a distinct hierarchical inclined and angular design approach. This informal way of planning breaks the rigid monotony associated with such large developments. Infosys SDB Park 4, Mysore, India
Fact Box:
Architect: Hafeez Contractor
Client: Infosys
Location: Mysore
Text & Photographs: Architect Hafeez Contractor

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