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Home > Eco Development > Ipl Goes Green Hires Indian Firm To Calculate Carbon Footprint

IPL goes green, hires Indian firm to calculate Carbon Footprint

Infrawindow Research Bureau | India | Apr. 17, 2012, 05:30 PM IST

The three letters that take a buzz since the beginning of February are IPL. IPL is a country uniting event. The format is such that, the event, geographically takes place throughout the country. Event of this scale and caliber requires unlimited resources and planning. During this process, the environment gets affected. It was important the IPL take some stringent measures to control its effects on the environment as well as get the plans in place.

The Indian Premier League in 2010 had planned to go eco-friendly by hiring an Indian firm, Eliminate Carbon Emissions (P) Ltd (no2co2) to calculate its carbon footprint this year.

IPL plans to implement some of the findings during the IPL 2011 and subsequently work to neutralize its entire footprint.

In a move that is bound to cheer environmentally conscious individuals, IPL took the consultation of UNEP - the United Nations Environment Programme - to help calculate its carbon footprint in a bid to reduce it, a release issued here today stated.

IPL selected an Indian company, ECE Consulting at no2co2 which has developed a unique carbon footprint calculator specific to India's needs with over three years of research put into it.

Mohan Polamar, Founder and CEO of ECE said, ''For those that criticize IPL just as an economic engine will have to think twice. Mr Modi, Chairman and Commissioner, IPL and Mr.Sundaraman - CEO of IPL have clearly demonstrated their vision that goes beyond sport and economics with this decision of measuring the IPL footprint. This project gives us the required fillip in building and leading the new environment economy.'' ECE Consulting@no2co2 will be doing a two-pronged activity for this prestigious assignment. First it will take a carbon inventory collection of IPL activities and do an auditing of the same.

Secondly, using an audience research methodology to understand spectator mix at stadium it will calculate with the various data, an accurate estimate of IPLs carbon footprint. This above phase is the 'Realize' Phase, which is the first part of the unique methodology developed by ECE Consulting@no2co2.

This meticulously collected data and knowledge will then help ECE Consulting@no2co2 suggest changes within the future IPL thereby introducing the second phase of the methodology which is 'Minimize'.

The final phase will be 'Neutralize' where IPL will implement measures to offset their entire footprint, the release added.


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