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Home > News > New Bylaws For Rural Areas In Chandigarh To Give Orderly Look

New bylaws for rural areas in Chandigarh to give orderly look

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Apr. 24, 2012, 11:42 AM

New bylaws for rural areas in Chandigarh to give orderly lookThe Chandigarh administration is in the process of finalizing the building bylaws for rural areas, which would be made a part of the proposed master plan for the city and give an orderly look to the congested rural lanes in the coming years.

Apart from fixing a ceiling on the height of buildings and floor area ratio (FAR), the norms will also deal with issues like unauthorized construction outside the designated area, extensive commercial activity and provision of supporting infrastructure for the population.

The committee has come up with certain recommendations including demolition of construction that has taken place outside the 'abadi' and is unauthorized and in violation of the Capital of Punjab (Development and Regulation) Act, 1952.

There is need for carrying out redevelopment exercise within the areas to decongest these and provide healthy and safe living environment for the people living there. Also, the deficient infrastructure needs to be provided within the villages to make these self-sufficient.

The problems with these areas include absence of road hierarchy and dead ends exists which hurdle smooth moving of the traffic. The streets are narrow without parking facilities. Numbers of pit-falls exists in the roads due to poor maintenance of the road network. Besides, commercial area is intermingled with residential area. There is no well-defined residential commercial area. People are converting their houses into shops without providing parking space.

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