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Home > News > R Infra Face Challenges In Setting Up Ehv Stations

R-Infra face challenges in setting up EHV stations

Sumantra Das




Feb. 27, 2012, 03:29 PM

In a bid to reduce losses, Reliance Infrastructure (R Infra), one of the major power distribution companies in Mumbai has designed Extra High Voltage (EHV) substation. However, the company faces major challenges in developing and construction of these EHV stations. The challenges include availability of turnkey contractors (EPC), space constraint, skilled manpower among others, a senior company official said.  Presently, the company has 3 such EHV stations in Mumbai, and has plans to set up 3 more 220KV EHV power distribution stations.

“Construction of EHV substations in Mumbai is a pressing need. In view of space constraints in the city, it is Herculean task for us,” a senior company official, who did not wish to be quoted, told Infrawindow. Being a unique customized project, the availability of turnkey contractors with knowledge of intercity requirements and other technicalities, municipals regulations is big task for the company, he said adding space constraints also resulted in difficulty getting the entire chunk of land as one piece. Besides, non availability of suitable skilled manpower and no special set of regulations for this kind of infrastructure project from the city authorities is also major concern for us, the official added.

Electric power transmission is a process of bulk transfer of electrical power from one location to another. Transmission plays a very crucial role in bringing power from distant generating locations to the load centres. These EHV stations form the heart of the transmission infrastructure and occupy a position of utmost importance in meeting the overall power requirements.

R infra is working on nine schemes, including EHV sub stations, for strengthening Mumbai’s transmission system with approved cost of Rs 1269.77 crore. Technical clearances from State Transmission Unit (STU) and Regulatory clearances from MERC have already been received for these projects. Balance work for the 220KV Goregaon, Gorai and Saki unit would be completed in FY 2011-12.

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