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Home > News > River Mining Banned Sand And Gravel Prices Up By Three Times

River mining banned, sand and gravel prices up by three times

Infrawindow News Bureau




May. 07, 2012, 11:30 AM

River mining banned, sand and gravel prices up by three times      The sand and gravel mining from rivers flowing through Ambala, Ropar and Mohali districts has been banned since April 1. Consequently, the construction of mega-housing projects has come to a halt, as the prices of sand and gravel have increased almost three times within a month. Till March 31, sand was available for Rs 1,500 per 150 cubic feet which has increased to Rs 4,300 for 150 cubic feet depending on the quality.


From 29 April onwards, Ambala Deputy Commissioner of Police banned illegal mining from the rivers flowing within the district till June 28. Also tractor trailers, earth moving machines, excavation machinery, dumpers etc have been banned from moving within a radius of 200 metres from the rivers.



In this regard, the Ambala police commissioner has formed anti-mining teams to prevent illegal mining in the districts of Ambala, Yamunanagar and

Panchkula. The ban on sand and gravel mining has led to smuggling of construction material from adjoining states. This has boost the mining mafia and buyers are not left with any option.


The demarcation process for identifying the auctioned sites on Ghaggar river has been carried out. Despite this, sand and gravel mining is not being allowed at the authorised sites in Bakarpur, Meerpur, Alamgeer, Khanpur Khurd, Rampur Kalan, Pragpur, Basma and adjoining areas.


According to Mohali Deputy Commissioner Varun Roojam, contractors are indulging in mining sand and gravel from the stretches adjoining the demarcated areas.

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