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The IPL, construction nexus: boon or bane

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Apr. 13, 2012, 08:53 AM

The IPL, construction nexus: boon or baneThe Indian Premier League (IPL) has definitely changed the way the world perceives India today. The IPL has grown to become a brand in itself; a symbol of a dynamic, exciting, and confident India that revels in spectator entertainment and plays with big stakes. Be it the release of a film or the launch of a car, every industry in the country have started planning their modus operandi around this five -season old tournament. But, the question lies, how has the IPL affected the industries dealing with the primary sector of the economy? Our concern – The Indian construction business – has also come under the shadow of the IPL. Or, has it been overshadowed?

With the popularity of the IPL growing in multitudes, almost every major city wants to own a team today. This has definitely led to the need for more international quality stadiums in the country, enough to ensure that every team has a home ground. The interesting fact is that, with the fast-paced construction of stadiums to meet the deadline, other amenities have also been sponsored for development. In the case of the MCA Pune International Cricket Centre/ Subrato Roy Sahara Stadium, home ground of the Sahara Pune Warriors which is located 3 kms from the Pune-Mumbai Expressway near Gahunje, a fly-over from the Pune-Mumbai expressway for a direct link to the stadium for effortless transportation had also been proposed by the MCA to the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC). As the fifth season deadline knocks on the door, workers of the Ideal Road Builders (IRB) are working hard to get the service lanes in perfect shape before the matches. Bikram Mitra, construction analyst and architect based in Pune, says, “The IPL is a good fever for the construction business because every new construction will need a host of other amenities. Like the Gahunje stadium needed service lanes and the flyover is in the pipeline. It’s a very simple concept actually – for everything you make, you need other services to support that construction.” The same can also be said for the newly refurbished Jawaharlal Nehru International stadium at Kochi, which also saw an upsurge of renovations and improved amenities and constructions around the stadium. This is definitely a healthy fever for the construction industry because everyone stands to gain, from the workers to the construction honchos, says Mitra.

“Making the IPL a priority means that some other projects are surely being de-prioritized,” says Abhik Basak, a construction equipments merchant based in Bangalore, “the problems of the IPL have snowballed and has hit the construction business too. To make stadiums and IPL-related constructions a priority, other projects have to be delayed because maximum man power and resources have to be channelled to the IPL projects. Any delay in a project is detrimental to the interests of the developer as it causes an escalation in the project costs.

Another view talks about the environmental costs of the IPL – is anybody calculating the environmental impact. Studies are required to ascertain the carbon footprint of the event.

Overall while the jury is still out – we believe that large sporting events are a must – they help our industry grow – within stipulated timeframes!

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