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TN tops list, wind capacity addition of 3,200 MW

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Apr. 09, 2012, 03:29 PM

TN tops list, wind energy capacity addition of 3,200 MW in 2011-12Despite tough situations faced by developers, during 2011-12 the country has commissioned 3,200 MW of wind power generation capacity, said the Indian Wind Power Association.

Professor K Kasthoori Rangaian, Chairman of wind association, said during the National Council Meeting of IWPA on Saturday that the wind industry has been complaining about issues relating to grid in Tamil Nadu, but, despite troubled times the state topped with a generation capacity addition of 1,087 MW last year.

Rangaian also advised investors to take up wind projects in spite of difficulties. However, he also emphasized on the need for support. After Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra have been considered preferred locations because they have managed to add about 789.85 MW, 546 MW, 418 MW and 1,087 MW, respectively, last year. These Six windy States have made rapid strides with Tamil Nadu having a capacity of 6,974 MW, followed by Gujarat with 2,942 MW, Maharashtra (2,735 MW), Rajasthan (2,068 MW), Karnataka (2,934 MW) and Madhya Pradesh (314 MW).

The association has requested the Andhra Pradesh Government to support them in implementing more projects by offering higher tariffs and permitting trading in Renewable Energy Certification by entering into agreements.

In Karnataka 207.2 MW was added but could have been more if issues related to non-availability of land was not there. Madhya Pradesh added 100.4 MW and Andhra Pradesh could commission only 45.25 MW of the 150 MW ready for commissioning. It now has 223 MW of installed capacity.

The Government of India's decision to discontinue the Accelerated Depreciation from this financial year is a major setback for the wind industry. Most of the investments into wind industry were due to this. The Generation Based Incentive also resulted in good output for those adopting this mode.

He wanted the Government to continue both these benefits. It there is uncertainty, the investments into wind sector are likely to be impacted

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