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Dean D?cruz

Architect, Mozaic
Infrawindow.com | Feb. 17, 2012, 05:13 PM IST

Dean D?cruz

After graduating from Sir J.J. College of Architect, Bombay, in 1983, Dean joined architect Gerard Da Cunha as an assistant in Goa in 1985. Enamored by the soft and human scale of Goa’s Architecture and lifestyle he decided to stay.


He became a partner in a firm called Natural Architecture, in 1986, working on cost effective housing in a very Laurie Baker approach using waste building materials and innovative design. In 1994 he expanded his base of design work, taking on small hotel, large house and institutional work as principal architect of Dean D’Cruz & Associates.

He co – founded Mozaic in 2001, with general collaboration between disciplines as the core ethic. Having been part of the State Level Committee for the marking of the Regional Plan 2021 for Goa, Dean’s current emphasis is on urban interventions, sustainable principles and conservation. He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars all over the country and his works and articles have been published in leading magazines in India and abroad.


In last two decades Dean D’cruz has been awarded with eight renowned awards from the architecture field. He got his first award in 1998, “Designer of one of the 100 best small hotels in the world, 1998”. He was honored by another award soon in 1999, “Designer of the Year: Special Commendation, 1999”. He received six more awards in the same series from 2001 to 2005; Excellence in Interior Design Award: Commercial Category in 2001, Hospitality Pinnacle Award for Design Development for Hotel Architecture in 2002, The Institutional Architecture Award for Design Development (SM) in 2003, Architect of the Year - State Commendation Award in 2004, Designer of one of the 10 best Spas in Asian and Society Interiors’ Award for contribution to architecture and interior designing in 2005.


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