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Vikas Oberoi

Managing director, Oberoi Realty
Infrawindow.com | Jan. 25, 2012, 12:17 PM IST

Vikas Oberoi

Vikas Oberoi or “Vicky” as he is popularly known, is the Managing Director of Oberoi Realty.


Oberoi’s father, Ranvir Oberoi, was a part of the saffron trading business in Mumbai. A big leap of faith and some shrewd investments later he formed, Oberoi Constructions a fledgling construction company focusing on the Mumbai market. Taking over from his father in 1997 Vikas has achieved amazing results – with sheer guts and glory!


He has been the true architect of the exponential growth witnessed by Oberoi Construction. The company launched and successfully executed several prestigious projects in Mumbai and quickly established a reputation as a “reliable” builder of high end luxury homes. The company is today valued at a mind boggling $1.4 Billion.


This bungee jumping entrepreneur has always been after an adrenaline rush. His acquisition of the Glaxo Properties in a tie up with ICICI Ventures firmly announced his arrival in the big league.   With Morgan Stanley acquiring a 10% stake in Oberoi Realty, Vikas has established himself as one of the foremost builders in the country. Oberoi completed his IPO in October 2010 raising Rs 1,000 crore, not an easy task in the post Lehman days.


If there were marks for style and suavity, Vikas Oberoi would be a first amongst equals. He wears crisp formals, works out in a gym, likes Japanese sushi and knows his wines. Vikas is a sports enthusiast and has been quoted saying that he gets into a new sport every 2 years – and works his way to a semi professional level. He loves cricket, tennis and squash.  His passion is extreme sports – bungee jumping, flying etc.


He has tied the knot with Gayatri Joshi, a popular Bollywood actress and has 2 sons.



ritika   2012-02-24 16:36:04

he is hot and rich ;) 

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Shridhar   2012-02-08 19:46:53

He is a youth icon.

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