Bollywood has always flirted with the idea of extra-marital affairs. The problem begins when these affairs spill from the reels and into the real world. Even though there's a rigid social stigma against them in India, they have always existed and as far as we can see, will continue to do so. While some secrets get dragged into the media, others are better kept and pass away with nothing more than whispers.

One such couple from the golden era of Bollywood was Shatrughan Sinha and Reena Roy. The affair was hot news in its time and many eyebrows were raised when Shatrughan Sinha's daughter Sonakshi made her debut in Dabangg. People were shocked by her uncanny resemblance to Reena Roy, who bid the film industry adieu at the peak of success and married Mohsin Khan. Shatrughan had later married Poonam.

A very similar romance had issued many years prior, between Raj Kapoor and Nargis. Together they gave some of the biggest hits of the Indian film industry and at such a time their affair was so talked about that almost two decades later rumours flared up again when Dimple Kapadia showed a vague resemblance to Nargis.

Like we said before, affairs have happened before and they are happening now, but unarguably the most epic and the most talked about romance ever was between the biggest superstar in Bollywood history and the evergreen temptress. Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha ignited an affair which could inspire poets. Tabloid columns had things to say about the affair for many years, and indeed they still do. Reportedly their love bloomed on the sets of 'Do Anjaane', which was their second film together. They gave a series of hit films as an on-screen pair and although Amitabh was married to Jaya, his chemistry with Rekha was very much apparent. In an unbelievable turn of events, Yash Chopra cast the three of them together in Silsila which was pretty much based on their own lives. It is said that Amitabh and Rekha regularly met at a secluded bungalow owned by Rekha's friend.

In recent times, actress Shilpa Shetty was accused of being the reason for businessman Raj Kundra's divorce. They were suspected of having a secret love affair for 6 months, though the pair denied any rumours until finally Shilpa's publicist came out in the open to say;

"At first Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra were simply friends, but as time passed by their relationship turned into something else and they currently are a very happy couple"

Shilpa and Raj are now happily married and are expecting their first child.

A very surprising news spread when the 'good-boy' of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan was reported to be having an affair with his 'Kites' co-star, Mexican actress Barbara Mori. His wife Sussanne apparently left their home to go and live with her father, although she later returned and rubbished the rumours, claiming that their house had been vacated for pest control. Barbara on the other hand was supposed to land much before the promotion started in order to 'hang-out' with her hunky co-star. To this Rakesh Roshan, the director of Kites (and Hritik's father) calmly replied;

"It's not true. Barbara will be in India only around May 8."

(The movie was to be released on the 21st of May.)

King Khan, who has had a relatively clean image for the major part of his long career in Bollywood, seems to be finding himself in a string of controversies. Apparently Priyanka Chopra who has always accepted that she is a big SRK fan, has been following him around everywhere. After they were paired again together again in the second instalment of 'Don', they seem to have become inseparable, sparking rumours of an affair and reportedly causing a tiff between Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri. Taking into account SRK's 'more than friendship' rumours with director Karan Johar, Gauri may not be the only one who is feeling insecure.

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